Breathing the Environment into Medical Devices

Every day in the United States, it is estimated that from between 15 to 25 pounds of medical waste is generated by every patient in every hospital.  That translates into over 6,000 tons for the average hospital per day or around 160 million tons annually in the United States.  This does not include the millions of tons that are disposed of by patients at home.  In a variety of ways, this creates a tremendous burden on our environment.  Inspirian Health's objective is to contribute to reducing this burden by designing products that have a smaller carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the environment.

Through the innovative use of FSC-certified paperboard and bioplastics, Inspirian Health aims to decrease the impact of medical devices on the environment, particularly in the respiratory care and anesthesiology markets.  And, even with this objective, we want to maintain the highest level of device efficacy for patient care and cost effectiveness for healthcare providers worldwide.

We are currently in the process of developing our initial products that fulfill this important mission.  Please check back for updates on our progress and release of our new products.

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